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Reese Mane Laflare 2
United States
It was a slight on my honor, so he deserved it
But we're talking about the most brilliant mind this world's ever seen

I've got demons running round in my head
And they feed on insecurities I have
Won't you lay your healing hands on my chest?
Let your ritual clean

Soak the ropes with your holy water
Tie me down as you read out the words

Set me free from my jealousy
Won't you exorcise my mind?
Won't you exorcise my mind?
I want to be free as I'll ever be
Exorcise my mind
Help me exorcise my mind

Desdemona, won't you liberate me?
When I'm haunted by your ancient history
Close these green eyes and watch over as I sleep
Through my darkest of dreams

Be the power to compel me
Hold me closer than anyone before

Set me free from my jealousy
Won't you exorcise my mind?
Won't you exorcise my mind?
I want to be free as I'll ever be
Exorcise my mind
Help me exorcise my mind

I should be thinking 'bout nothing else when I'm with you ooh
With you ooh, oh oh oh
I should be thinking 'bout nothing else when I'm with you ooh
With you ooh, oh oh oh

Your mind exists somewhere altogether different
It lives in a world where feelings simply cannot be defined by words

Oh set me free from my jealousy
Won't you exorcise my mind?
Won't you exorcise my mind?
I want to be free as I'll ever be
Exorcise my mind
Help me exorcise my mind
Help me exorcise my mind
Won't you exorcise my mind?


My boyfriend just went vegetarian last week. He's eating a lot of kale, spinach, and other yummy greens. Works for me.
But his gas...
I remember reading "The Gas We Pass" (buy it for only one cent! :rofl:) growing up and I thought it said vegetarians have more gas, but they don't smell as bad as carnivores. 
Well, I can safely say this is wrong.
Putrid, horrible gas. 
Gas all the time.
This is true love, right here. I've accepted everything about him.
As a gay flamboyant stereotype, I am targeted by humans of the female gender to unload their bitchiness on.

Today's example? Boyfriend's sister takes pleasure in her friend from high school's recent divorce.

I did not go to high school here. I do not know any of these people. She showed me this girl on Instagram and went OMG LOOK AT THIS DUMB BITCH SHE USED TO SAY HOW IN LOVE SHE WAS OMG OMG HER TAGLINE WAS WIFE AND MOTHER OMG OMG NOW SHE'S DIVORCED OMG OMG WHATS GUNNA HAPPEN 2 HER KIDZ

Just trying to eat thanksgiving appetizers and have a beer. And she just goes on, and on, and on. My boyfriend and his dad are talking about sports. I don't get sports. Haha, because gay. Anyway, she finds me and just keeps going.

This happens at work too, which I complained about. It's the way it was in high school too. Only now, I don't have the patience to be friends with these types of girls.

unfortunately, I kind of have to be friendly with my boyfriend's sister.

tldr: Boyfriend's sister shoves some girl's picture in my face and tells me what a bitch she is and is laughing at her recent divorce, despite this girl having children and probably going through a tough time separating from her husband. Really charming.

Boyfriend's sister is also not married/seeing anyone/very very bitter and jealous of other females. Hence why she goes to the gay guy to complain.

And I go here to complain.
You are my gay guy, Complaints.
Honestly, eugenics is a pretty sweet deal. Natural selection without that long Galapagos island process. 

But Nazis of course took it too far.

Do you think we would feel the same way about eugenics being a horrible, racist ideal if not for nazism and their experiments/overall outlook towards a pure race?

Not saying I agree with breeding out races, just certain genes. As a disclaimer. 
All I asked was "did you draw this?" to someone who doesn't draw, and only uses source film maker for any art on their profile. The picture was this, which I image searched and found here:

Person blocked me and flagged it as spam, keeps saying it's his.

I have it screencapped, but this would be a callout if I did that, I think.

Anyway, if you're an art thief, just spam and move on!
There's a girl I work with that I started chatting with about DA. I told her I had to close out my main account because of a stalking incident involving someone sending me death threats over me not writing fart fetish stories for them, keeping the conversation very light. 

She starts talking about this girl who keeps coming to her profile, making multiple accounts and harassing her. I said that sucked, maybe she should do what I did and make a new account.

She says that would be making the other person win. Ok, sure, I get that.

Every day for a month, she's talked about this girl stalking her. She goes on and on about the drama with this girl. I'm gay, so this naturally makes me a target for girls to vent to about drama I guess? Whatever.

Anyway, I don't know her profile (I don't want to, that's weird when IRL crosses over to online) but she says she gets visits from this girl every hour of every day, because the girl I work with "stole her boyfriend" (online...).

So today, I'm firm with her. I say if you don't want this girl to bother you anymore, make a new account. Add only the watchers you trust. If it's bringing you this much anxiety, just make a new account.

She goes on. And on. And on. How bad this girl's skin is, how ugly she is, how fat she is, how she didn't deserve the boyfriend she got "stolen" from her, etc.

It's obvious she fucking loves the attention. 

tldr: Girl I work with is stalked on DA and loves it, refuses to do anything about it, bitches constantly to me because I'm a flamboyant gay man.
This has been a fun run. Some funny shit has happened.

I am not WarioGambler557.
I'm not Frank Limon.

Frank was Cygonia, who impersonated Drunkenstien.

He got banned for impersonating him.

I decided to make this account and pretend to be Cygonia to keep the troll going.

One look at my forum posts blasting Frank's idiocy is enough to show I'm not him. 

Why he admitted to being me, I don't really know.

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 7.31.21 PM by LightShiningInDark
This is the last thing Frank sent me.

I'm just a shitposter. I knew Lee (iamironmantoday) who became obsessed with Drunkenstien. His girlfriend at the time was interested in Drunkenstien, and started trolling him. 

I grew out of it. Lee didn't.

This summer we started talking again, and I saw the Cygonia thing, and jumped on it as a joke.

Then Frank happened, and shit got out of hand.

This guy is crazier than Lee and my bullshit combined.

I'm sorry, guys. I know I'm an asshole.
Sorry to Barricade379. I'm a gay man and like professing my love for handsome men like Jeff Goldblum. 

Sorry to Disneycow82 for saying said Goldblum comment on her page.

I'm sorry to Drunkenstien for everything. For me, for Lee, everything. We were cruel.

I'm sorry to JonesFromAlien, who thought I was Frank.

Really, I'm sorry for everything. Summer gets boring when I'm out of work and school and I shitpost. I do it every summer. It's immature and stupid as hell.

But this summer was ridiculous. 

Just know I'm feeling the sting of karma for my actions.

If Frank does, well, I don't know. I would apologize to him for playing along with everything thinking I was him and he was me, but he's a fucking idiot so oh well.


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Scorpio13Plush Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Hey, my friend Kyah is really firm on the belief that you are Frank. But... judging by how you type, you seem different from him.

Is there any physical way you can convince everyone?
LightShiningInDark Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016
I've thought about this, and I really need to keep my identity private. I've pissed a lot of people off on this site by being a stupid excuse for a troll.

I'm really sorry I upset her. I just felt so bad I contributed to everything by not standing up and saying "Frank, you're an idiot and I'm not you." Now it's gone on so long, no one will believe me.

Well, WaterdropG does, at least...
Scorpio13Plush Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
That's understandable. You two also seem to have different grammar patterns and you don't seem as prone to yelling like him. 
LightShiningInDark Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016
Well, thanks for noticing...Sorry I upset your friend. I'm trying to right my wrongs to get some good karma going in my direction. I just wanted to see how far Frank would pretend to be me, which was stupid. I didn't know he was hurting people so badly and stalking them to the extent that he was. 
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Flagged as Spam
LightShiningInDark Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016
I'm not Frank...

I'm sorry I mentioned him. He's gone. He has been.
WarioGambler557 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Hey can we talk?
thedevilgaming2 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016
i hate this guy
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